S.O.T. servicing helps propeller meters maintain compliance. 

Sparling's S.O.T. (Service, Overhaul, & Test) is the best way to maintain propeller meter regulatory compliance by keeping it running like new with Sparling certified servicing and factory parts. 

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Meter Servicing

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A Century of
American Manufacturing.

Sparling Instruments established line of electromagnetic and propeller flowmeters have been proudly made in the United States for over 100 years. Our quality American craftsmanship continues to provide cities and businesses across the Americas with the best in fluid flow measurement technology.

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Sparling Certified Meter Servicing.

We provide different ways to ensure your Sparling flow meters are calibrated, maintained, and at peak performance. Your flowmeter can be serviced at our California factory or serviced on-site by certified Sparling flowmeter technicians.

Sparling 104 Mainline propeller meter

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