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TigermagEP Flanged

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TigermagEP (Flanged)

(Flanged) Electromagnetic meter for measuring the flow of conductive liquids in full, closed pipes. Available in wide range of sizes, electrode materials, and liner materials.

Sparling TigermagEP™ Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Product Features

TigermagEP™ meters are robust, versatile and excel in measuring the flow of conductive liquids in full, closed pipes. The TigermagEP™ is available in a wide range of sizes, electrodes and liner materials providing maximum flexibility to meet your process measurement needs.


Sparling's TigermagEP™ is a microprocessor based electromagnetic flowmeter designed to measure the flow of conductive liquids in full pipes. The sensor and transmitter are integral and enclosed in a NEMA 7 explosion-proof steel housing. 

A wide variety of liner and electrode materials tailor the meter to operate in many processes. The Tigermag's nonvolatile EEPROM memory and circuitry eliminates the need for a microprocessor backup battery. No reprograming is necessary when electronics module  is replaced or exchanged with electronics from another size flowmeter.

Hot Tap & Removable Electrode Options

Removable and Hot Tap Removable Electrodes are available additions that make the TigermagEP™ ideal for situations and use-cases that often involve build-up on flowmeter electrodes.

Product Features

  • Sampling frequency up to 100Hz for accurate measurement of fluids with high levels of inherent noise. 

  • Forward, reverse and net totalization

  • Programmable high and low flow alarms

  • Nonvolatile EEPROM Memory

  • Universal electronics module compatability

  • 2-Line, 16 character backlit display

  • Programming made easy with Mag-Command™

  • Low Flow Cutoff

  • NEMA 4X/NEMA 7 explosion proof enclosure

  • Available configuration options include: 

  • Accidental Submergence (NEMA 6/IP67)

  • Permanent Submergence (NEMA 6P/IP68)

  • Direct Burial Sensors available

  • Approvals Include: 

  • FM Approvals

  • CSA

  • NSF 61

  • Rotatable Modular Display

  • Empty pipe detection (EPD)

  • Positive Zero Return (PZR)

  • Standard 0.5% Accuracy

Sparling's TigermagEP™ line is available in both flanged and wafer (no flanges) mounting styles. Both these mounting configurations are available with display or blind, with only outputs.