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Keep your propeller flowmeter running true through Sparling's periodic  S.O.T. program, keeping your meter serviced and calibrated every two years.

Turnarounds in as little as one week. Guaranteed¹.

Drawing on 100 years of history, Sparling manufactures one of the most robust propeller meters on the market. With the proper periodic meter servicing at the Sparling factory, this meter can last decades. Its recommended that Sparling propeller meters are sent in for Servicing, Overhaul, and Testing (SOT) through our SOT Program to recalibrate and recertify every 2 years. 

The SOT Program makes sure meters stay accurate and effective. Meters arrive worn and out of calibration and leave fully rebuilt and recertified. Furthermore, meters are flow test certified in our NIST traceable flow lab, one of the largest in the country. Sparling’s factory is the only authorized Sparling Flow Meter service center. 

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1. Sparling Instruments guarantees a one-week turnaround from the day after receipt of meter, assuming Sparling’s RMA process has been followed. If the serviced meter is not shipped out by the fifth business day starting the day after receipt, Sparling Instruments will reduce the cost of the service to $0. One-week guarantee applies only to meters that have been in service 20 years or less, for model codes FM-102, FM-104, FM-312, FM-314, for sizes 4″ to 14″. All other meters will have a lead time of 2 – 4 weeks depending on model code and size. Sparling Instruments reserves the right to terminate this program at any time.

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