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EST. 1919

Sparling Instruments was founded in 1919 by Ray W. Sparling and began manufacturing propeller meters to measure water for irrigation, water distribution facilities and waste water plants.

Our Focus

For over 100 years Sparling Instruments has introduced numerous products and systems focused on the measurement of water, chemicals and other liquids for municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications.

Our mission is to serve process measurement markets with flow and level instruments of superior quality. To do this best, we focus on the people and teams who rely on our meters throughout every step of our design process.

Our Legacy

Sparling’s policy is to supply products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We are committed to growth and continually improving the quality management system.

Sparling continues to manufacture its popular main line propeller meters and TigermagEP™ magnetic flow meters to measure water, chemicals, and slurries.

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