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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

TigermagEP™ meters are robust, versatile and excel in measuring the flow of conductive liquids in full, closed pipes. The TigermagEP™ is available in a wide range of sizes, electrodes and liner materials providing maximum flexibility to meet your process measurement needs.

The Sparling FM656 TigermagEP Flowmeter.


Sparling technicians are ready to assist both in the factory and in the field to resolve any product needs.


To inquire about scheduling and availability, reach out to our orders desk at 800-800-3569 (opt. 4)

Products by Category
Electromagnetic flowmeters.

These meters excel in measuring the flow of conductive liquids in full, closed pipes. With a wide variety of liners and electrodes, including ‘Hot Tap’ removable style.

Sparling propeller flowmeters.

Sparling propeller meters have been developed for “clean” water applications where the temperature of the water does not exceed 100° F and suspended solids do not exceed 0.5% of volume.

Positive displacement flowmeters.

Sparling’s inventory of Oval positive displacement meters are designed for flow measurement of very small flow rates in applications requiring high accuracy. 

Vortex flowmeters.

Injection molded, durable  polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) and stainless steel vortex meters can withstand extreme temperatures. These robust vortex flow meters are small, compact, lightweight.

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