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We know that your flow meter is a critical instrument and our field service technicians
are available for localized servicing on all Sparling Instruments flow meters. 

Ditch the downtime with Certified Field Service.

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Adding to over over a century of service in American flow measurement, our servicing programs are designed to maintain the accuracy and performance our customers require.

Sparling Field Service lowers costs and reduces downtime. With products in use various municipal and industrial capacities, we provide customers tailored field service and flow meter calibration options that fit their needs. 

When it's time to service your Sparling flowmeter, our Field Service Technicians are available to complete select repairs and certified calibrations for complex projects and organizations with varying compliance requirements. By following recommended servicing periods, we can help customers maintain their flow measurement instrumentation, providing up to decades of dependable data.

Sparling Instruments accepts requests for field servicing from clients in the United States, Canada, U.S. territories, and U.S. overseas installations. Please inquire about select international availability.