TigermagEP™ Now Features Modbus Communication Protocol

Main Pic modbus-tested-tigermag-magmeter-1pdf-download-65Sparling Instruments now has added Modbus RTU Communication to our TigermagEP™ electromagnetic flow meters. This innovation comes in response to customers’ requests for Modbus-capable meters for use in municipal water systems, oil and gas systems, and automated manufacturing applications.

Previously installed TigermagEP™ electromagnetic meters, whether integral or remote style, can easily be upgraded to communicate via Modbus in two ways depending on the age of the meter:

  1. For meters shipped since 2009, the module can be upgraded at the factory.
  2. For meters shipped in 2008 or earlier, a new Modbus enabled module that is fully compatible with the meter can be purchased from the factory.

Mag meters that are Modbus capable are used in a wide variety of process systems using conductive liquids, where measurements are reported for storage and analysis or to the central processor of an automation system.

TigermagEP™ meters have a long-established reputation for dependability and accuracy, and are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility. Each unit is tested and certified in Sparling Instruments’ on-site flow lab. Recently, Sparling Instruments also earned NSF 61 certification for its TigermagEP™ line, so it is also approved for use in potable water systems throughout North America.

Sparling Instruments opens a wide new market with the addition of Modbus capability to its electromagnetic flow meters. Any plant with Modbus architecture can now use premium Sparling meters as an integral part of its liquid process system. From drinking water systems to wastewater treatment, and automated manufacturing to petroleum processing, TigermagEP™ flow meters with Modbus communications are ready to report for duty.

Please contact your Sparling Sales Representative, or contact the factory directly via Sparling’s online contact form or by calling 800-800-FLOW.