Sparling Vertiflo Vertical Propeller Flow Meter

Sparling VertiFlo vertical flow meters are ideal for installations where space limitations or piping configurations preclude the use of Sparling MainLine tube or saddle mounted meters.

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Sparling’s Vertiflo propeller meters are cold clean water flow meters, ideal for measurement in wells equipped with submersible pumps, as well as installations on the suction side of centrifugal pumps.

Vertiflo meters are economical. The meter is installed in a standard flanged tee and can be configured for up or down flow conditions.

Key Features of Sparling’s Vertiflow Propeller Meter Include:

  • Constructed of materials that are highly resistant to normal water corrosion
  • Flow measurement of +/- 2% accuracy, as guaranteed by three test points in Sparling’s NIST traceable primary flow laboratory
  • 5-digit LCD rate indicator and 8-digit LCD cumulative flow rate indicator read available in any standard volumetric display
  • Fewer moving parts and engineered upon Sparling’s 100+ year time-tested propeller meter design, results in less wear, reduced maintenance cost, and longer life.

Sparling’s Vertiflo propeller flow meter is an ideal flow measurement instrument for a variety of scenarios and applications, specifically:

  • Wells and in irrigation where piping emerges from the ground in many locations
  • Installations on the suction side of centrifugal pumps
  • Applications where continuous flow rates are above the mid-point standard low flow range settings (due to the Vertiflo’s high velocity construction)

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