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Irrigation Propeller Meter

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Irrigation Propeller Meter

This meter's saddle design allows the meter to be used on existing piping and in many cases these robust irrigation flow meters can replace other saddle flow meters.

The Sparling Irrigation Saddle Flow Meter (FM312/FM314)

Product Features

Sparling’s irrigation saddle flowmeters feature cast saddles and gear boxes making them robust and reliable. The simple and rugged design ensures that the meter can be maintained using standard tools.

The Sparling Irrigation Saddle Flow Meter is available in two configurations:

  • Electronic Irrigation Saddle Flow Meter (Model FM314): features the reliability of fewer moving parts, permanent magnets and a digital display. Optional outputs allow for communication with data systems.

  • Mechanical Irrigation Saddle Flow Meter (Model FM312): features a reliable worm and gear pair that prevents slippage and error in readings.