About Flow Meters

Propeller Flowmeters

Where to Use

Clean water flows: Props can measure liquids with up to 5% suspended solids at temperatures up to 100°F.

Uncertain or unavailable power: Does not require power to operate.

Wide size range: Available in sizes up to 72".

Accuracy: Fairly good at ±2% standard.

How they Work
Propeller Meters have a blade which rotates as the flow passes. These rotations are interpreted as flow by a totalizer usually mounted on the meter. Propeller meters do not require a power source to totalize flow. When equipped, the propeller meter can send an output signal (requiring an external power supply) to a remote location.The propeller meter is a low cost, low maintenance meter.

Sparling Propeller Meters
Sparling Propeller Meters are engineered for a long, trouble-free life. Many have been in service for 25, 30 even 40 years with only minor service! Click here to learn more about our newest addition to the Sparling Propeller Meter Family!

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Magnetic Flowmeters
Where to use

High percentage of solids

Sludges, slurries, minerals, paper, sewage - flows with high levels of solids which cannot be measured other types of meters.

Obstructionless measurement
Nothing projects into the flow stream, no head loss, no parts to maintain.

Very corrosive liquids
Acids, caustics and corrosive chemical additives are isolated from the meter by inert linings and electrodes.

Conductive Liquids
Liquids where conductivity is at sufficient levels to induce measurable voltage.

How they Work

Magnetic flowmeters are based on Faraday's Law of Magnetic Induction. In a magnetic flowmeter, the liquid acts as a conductor as it flows through the pipe. This induces a voltage which is proportional to the average flow velocity - the faster the flow rate, the higher the voltage. This voltage is picked up by sensing electrodes mounted in the meter tube and sent to the transmitter which takes the voltage and calculates the flow rate based on the cross sectional area of the meter tube.

About Sparling Magmeters
Sludge, slurry, soup or salsa - there is a Sparling magmeter to fit your application. Sparling Magmeters come with a two-year warranty and offer a wide selection of meter sizes, liners and electrode materials to suit your application. Click here to learn more about Sparling Mags including the newest addition to our Magmeter Family.

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