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Oval Ultra Positive Displacement Flowmeter




Positive Displacement



A highly accurate positive displacement flow meter capable of supporting a wide range of applications for water, petroleum, solvent, etc. Instantaneous and total flowrates can be indicated in the field and output signal is also available.

Oval Ultra Positive Displacement Flowmeter
  • High accuracy: ±0.5% RD (Option: ±0.2% RD)

  • Metering chamber is of a pocketless configuration and is applicable to a wide range of liquids including chemical liquids.

  • Battery-powered flow meter model is also available (battery replaceable).

  • Low pressure loss, high durability

  • Setting and changing parameters, flow monitoring, etc. are available through communication.

(Smart communication unit is separately required for smart type.)

Find out more by contacting a local sales represenative.
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