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Oval Ex Delta Vortex Flowmeter


Ex Delta





Rugged, yet simple, the Ex-Delta vortex flowmeter is suitable for a variety of applications in liquid, gas, air and steam flows. The Ex-Delta vortex flowmeters are volumetric flow measuring devices constructed with stainless steel body which provides a higher level of accuracy.

Oval Ex Delta Vortex Flowmeter

Applications for the Oval EX DELTA II Vortex Flow Meter Include

  • Measurement of steam saturated steam in power plants chemical plants refinieries and steel plants

  • Gas flow measurement (natural gas ammonia nitrogen carbon dioxide methane

  • Demineralized and pure water in biotech semiconductor & pharmaceutical

  • Air flow measurement (dust control and compressed air consumption)

  • Oil and crude up to 100 centipoise

  • HVAC

  • Food processing

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