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Oval Eggs Delta Pulse

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Oval Eggs Delta Pulse

Eggs DELTA Pulse is a light weight, small, low cost flow monitoring vortex meter made out of PPS resin. The simple design and material of this vortex meter make it suitable for a wide variety of flow applications.

Oval Eggs Delta Pulse Vortex Flowmeter

Product Features

Common applications for the Eggs DELTA Pulse vortex flowmeter include:

  • Deionized water (RO/DI skids)

  • Ultra pure water distribution in medicare, biotech, semiconductor and

  • Pharmaceutical market segment

  • Cooling water

  • Chemical feed

  • Alcohol

  • Air consumption control in compressed air distribution systems

  • Gas flow (nitrogen, oxygen, argon, etc) measurements and monitoring.

  • Sanitary cleaning process flow