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MainLine™ Direct Drive

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MainLine™ Direct Drive

For over 100 years, Sparling’s Mainline direct drive propeller flow meters have earned a reputation as a rugged, continuous duty, flow measurement device that requires minimal maintenance. The FM102/FM182 line of direct drive propeller meters continues that tradition.

The Sparling Model 102/182 MainLine Direct Drive Propeller Flow Meter

Product Features


  • Like all Sparling propeller meters, the 102/182 MainLine™ Direct Drive Propeller Flow Meter boasts an accuracy of +/- 0.5% of rate, guaranteed by certified wet calibration at three test points in Sparling’s NIST traceable hydraulic flow labs.

  • Registration furnished in any standard Engineering Unit required

  • Sparling MainLine™ Meters are easily maintained with standard tools

  • Sturdy cast or fabricated steel construction

  • Totalizer is protected by cast metal enclosure with locking hasp