Sparling FM-104/184 MainLine Electronic Propeller Flow Meter

The Sparling FM-104/184 MainLine™ electronic propeller flow meter features fewer moving parts and a rugged Sparling design for longer life and reduced maintenance costs.'

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The Sparling Model 104/184 – Electronic Flow Meter features magnetic pickups to electronically track rate and total. It utilizes Sparling’s FT 194 rate/totalizer.

The battery powered electronic rate/totalizer, senses the propeller rotation via a magnetic pickup sensor located in the gearbox and translates these pulses to rate and total flow. The electronics within the FM-104/184 MainLine™ electronic flow meter are completely isolated from the flow stream in a NEMA-4X enclosure. A photoelectric cell activates the display when the cover is opened. The display goes into “sleep mode” when the cover is closed. The lithium battery is rated for 8 years.

All meter parameters are held in non-volatile EEPROM memory. Full scale, span, K, engineering units, dampening parameters can be modified to suit your changing needs in the field with an optional programming unit.

The Sparling FM-104/184 MainLine™ Electronic Propeller Flow Meter is available with optional 4-20 mA and pulse output when the totalizer is connected to an outside power source. It is available with integral or remote totalization at a distance of up to 50 feet. Available in sizes from 2″ to 72″, accuracy is +/-0.5% of rate.

The Sparling FM-104/184 MainLine™ Electronic Flow Meter is developed for “clean” water applications where the temperature of the water does not exceed 100° F and suspended solids do not exceed 0.5% of volume.

This long lasting, electronic propeller flow meter does not need power. In a stand-alone applications, the FM-104/184 functions as a battery powered flow meter, but can also draw power from the current loop when the 4-20 mA output is used.

Sparling’s FM-104/184 MainLine™ Electronic Flow Meter is an ideal flow measurement device for:

  • Well Water
  • Municipal Systems
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Potable Water
  • Pumping Stations
  • Golf Courses
  • Park Water Management

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