Propeller Meter Rebuild Kits

While Sparling propeller meters are robust and long lasting, the mechanical components will wear after a number of years of service. To make the rebuild and repair of propeller meters as simple of possible, Sparling supplies propeller meter rebuild kits for most flow meter types and sizes we manufacture. These propeller meter repair kits contain all moving and wearing parts.

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We make rebuilding your Sparling propeller meters simple by supplying rebuild kits for most meters we manufacture. As we have hundreds of variations of propeller meters, please email Technical Support or call 626-899-4596 with the serial number of your meter so we can select the correct rebuild kit for your meter.

For more information on how to find your serial number, please refer to our serial number location guide:


Please note that at this time, we do not supply rebuild kits for Vertiflo Meters (FM132 and FM134)

Propeller meter rebuild kits contain all the moving and wearing parts of the prop meter. The following two documents have a description of the contents of the kit. Note that each propeller meter repair kit for each size and style contain different specific parts. Hence these listings contain descriptions but not part numbers: