Oval EX DELTA II Vortex Flow Meter

Rugged, yet simple, the Ex-Delta vortex flowmeter is suitable for a variety of applications in liquid, gas, air and steam flows. The Ex-Delta vortex flowmeters are volumetric flow measuring devices constructed with stainless steel body which provides accurate and reliable measurement for years in industrial service.

The various body styles of this adaptable vortex meter provides complete flexibility of installation including wafer, flanged and replaceable sensor style which allows servicing of the sensor without shutting down the process. The Ex Delta measures liquid gas or steam flows in one flowmeter throughout your p ant. Having a wide flow and temperature range, it can be extensively used in numerous applications.

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Oval EX DELTA !! Vortex Flowmeter Specifications

Applications for the Oval EX DELTA II Vortex Flow Meter Include

  • Measurement of steam saturated steam in power plants chemical plants refinieries and steel plants
  • Gas flow measurement (natural gas ammonia nitrogen carbon dioxide methane
  • Demineralized and pure water in biotech semiconductor & pharmaceutical
  • Air flow measurement (dust control and compressed air consumption)
  • Oil and crude up to 100 centipoise
  • HVAC
  • Food processing

Product Data Sheet Vortex Ex Delta
Instructions & Operations Manual for ExDelta Vortex Meter
Sizing Program for EX Delta Vortex Flowmeter