CRN-Certified In All 13 Canadian Provinces And Territories

Tigermag Eletromagnetic FlowmeterSparling Instruments has completed the process of earning CRN (Canadian Registration Number) certification for all of its meters in all 13 Canadian provinces and territories. No matter what kind of fluid process system you’re running, whether it’s industrial, agricultural, waste water treatment, or oil and gas, Sparling Instruments flow meters are certified for use in your Canadian plant.

There are a total of seven jurisdictions and organizations that issue certifications for pressure vessels; some provinces share registration processes, even though they have their own requirements and each vessel still needs a CRN number for each province. Each meter Sparling Instruments makes has been tested and approved by each of these seven agencies, and our products are certified for use throughout all of Canada.

In addition, all 13 provinces and territories in Canada signed reciprocity agreements to accept the NSF/ANSI-61 certification for potable water applications, so Sparling’s TigerMagEP™ electromagnetic flow meters are approved for potable water systems throughout Canada.

We’ve Got Canada Covered

  • Mining Slurry
  • Process Water
  • Potable Water
  • Gas And Oil
  • Sewage
  • Additive Chemicals
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Paper Stock And Pulp
  • High Pressure Systems
  • High Temperature Applications

Whatever liquid process system you’re running in Canada, Sparling Instruments has fully approved premium flow meters to handle your measurements accurately and dependably. Contact your regional Sparling Instruments representative or call us at 800-800-3569 to learn what advantages Sparling Instruments flow meters can offer your operation.