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Process Requirement–
A leading tire manufacturer wanted to measure the flow of water to a rubber mixing machine.

Due to the non-linear characteristics of rubber, maintaining constant temperature is critical to the process. The water flow rate is transmitted to the control room, where it is balanced against RTD temperature measurements to minimize temperature excursions and optimize water consumption.

The Sparling Waterhawk
  • Simple & cost effective
  • Obstructionless - no intrusion into pipe
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Quick response time

Automotive Assembly

Process Requirement–
Automotive chassis are welded together by robots at an automotive manufacturing plant. To prevent overheating, cooling water is supplied to arc welders attached to the robots.
  • If the cooling water fails, the arc welders will be damaged due to overheating
  • If the cooling water fails because of a break in the supply or return line, the water will flood the assembly line floor causing robotically controlled carts to slip and miss their mark. When this happens the robotic arc welder will miss their points they are programmed to weld causing damage and rejection of the chassis and stopping the assembly process.
The Sparling Tigermag
Two identically calibrated Tigermags monitor the cooling water flow to and from the welders. If there should be a flow variation between the incoming and outgoing flow, two different preset alarms are activated. The initial alarm is a warning — the final alarm alerts the operator to shut down the assembly line. The first alarm is a warning, the last is a shutdown of the assembly line until the problem is resolved.

This system has saved the customer significant time and costs in the form of damage to arc welders and car chassis. Overall, it has improved the efficiency of the assembly line.


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